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Seven Key Steps for Career and Job Change - Beta Version 2011

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This ebook is part of my online Self-Coaching Career System. All the tools and links inside will help you get clarity on your Career and Field of Study and help you to find your ideal job quickly or to coach someone who needs help in this regard. Click here to listen to or download my podcasts, which explain the essence of this simple system. The ebook covers the following steps in a lot of detail:

Step 1: Write Down "My Story"

Step 2: Review The NEDAR Self-Coaching Process

Step 3: Use The NEDAR Toolbox (a special free online spreadsheet to download)

Step 4: Apply The Basic Online Assessment Tools

Step 5: Summarise The Information And Update The NEDAR Toolbox

Step 6: Develop Your Activation Plan (in the NEDAR Toolbox)

Step 7: Use Key Resources For Further Career Exploration

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Looking forward to serving you,

Peter Guess

SkypeMe: icafecall

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