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Peter Guess
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Hi Everyone,


The human mind, body and spirit is a strange inter-connected thing. You think a thought and it can cascade with others, into beliefs which are fueled by emotions. Together these create attitudes that are more tangible and “visible” on the outside to others. Attitudes shape behaviour and performance. That's where altitude comes in. How high or low you fly or believe you can fly.

From the outset of my new ebook, Seven Key Steps for Career and Job Change, I have emphasised the power of your mindset, without going into too much psychology. So what role does your mental altitude play?

  • It affects the preparation phase of your search. If you believe you have genius to offer, you will tackle the task accordingly. “Believe you can. Believe you can't. Either way you're right.” said Henry Ford.
  • It affects how you create your CV. For example, if you think you have little to offer a prospective employer or business partner, you may end up leaving out evidence that you can open up work opportunities.
  • When you go to interviews your “altitude” will determine the extent to which you sell yourself and influence the “altitude” of the interviewer.
  • After the interview, the normal waiting period or a decisive “No”, your mind may play tricks on you. “I won't get the work.” “I told you so.” “I will never find a job.”

So, “attitude is not everything”, as someone said. “It's the only thing.”

This is where choice come in. You choose your attitude. You and I choose our altitude.

Go fly! You can.

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