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My Career And Job Move From Cape Town To...

Posted by Peter Guess on January 9, 2012 at 1:10 PM

Move To Welkom, Free State, South Africa: January 2012

Just a quick update to let you know that I have taken on a wonderful career and job opportunity in Welkom - just up the road and around a few bends - from Cape Town...

As of January this year (2012) I will be branch manager at SANCA* - Goldfields Alcohol & Drug Centre. This so excites me because I feel a deep passion for this work and I have a clear vision and set of plans for the future. These plans and the vision are not my own creation but have emerged from my time of meditation and conversations with God (as I understand God).

I was really battling since July 2011 to find a job after being retrenched as a project manager. The tools (as documented on this website) appeared not to work. I took on small projects and used other talents just to survive. I moved up to Bloemfontein in September 2011, after a discussion with my family and an offer from them to take up a marketing manager position on my brother's farm. The job was open ended as it could stretch over 3-5 months or be longer term based on the need there. After less than 2 months the project ended in disaster!

Back to the job-hunt.... and then success in December  2011!

Throughout this time, from July to December 2011, I was supported by an "Earth Angel". A dear friend in Cape Town who is a Virtual Assistant (VA). She pulled out all the stops. Placed over 30 ads online. Provided regular SMS support - and gave me vouchers for  SMS bundles, when I had NO CASH! It was humbling. But also a massive learning experience in learning to ASK FOR HELP! My challenges were compounded because I could not use my email system due to the fact that my laptop and mobile had been stolen and I had no money for the luxury of the internet cafes (that I am so addicted to!).

Due to the above challenges, she took over my email system to respond to messages and send invoices or messages for me when there was urgent work. She made calls when I was unable to and took over some of my website editing for my various websites...

And she helped me with that most important ingredient in the job and career search - PMS. My Positive Mental Attitude was constantly under threat due to a variety of severe stressors and some traumatic incidents I had to walk through.

So today, I want to honour my VA and star supporter -Karin Visagie. If you need this kind of virtual support, whereever you are on the planet, she will and can help provide a service that may just bring that breakthrough you need. Go to her Virtual Business Consulting website here:

Blessings for the New Year,


*Note: SANCA stands for South African National Council on Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Treatment.

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